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It doesn't get any better than this!

It doesn’t get any better than this!



Corporate Events

There is nothing that raises the human spirit like people coming together to celebrate at a party.   Well orchestrated music to fit the crowd is the matrix for success and fun.

Regardless of  your vision for your special day or event, I can help you streamline the planning and presentation  with the end result being a TERRIFIC party for you and your guests.  Just tell me what you want.  Over 30 years of experience is brought to every event I’m involved with.       Merlin “the Musician”

I am as comfortable doing a corporate event with lighting, sound, video and stage production for over 1000 people as I am doing a wedding, 50th wedding anniversary or house party in someone’s back yard.

Flexibility and professionalism comes with EXPERIENCE. There is no substitute for it, and nobody that I have ever met has more of it.

I don’t do this for “extra money.”  Entertainment and event production is what I do and have done professionally for over three decades. If you’re looking for the  “extra money” DJ to handle your event, call me at 970-260-0112 and I’ll give you their phone #, that’s easy, because it includes nearly EVERYONE ELSE listed as a DJ.

 Question # 1…..WHAT DO I CHARGE?

Thanks for dropping by the website, where the company motto is..‘If I can’t do it..IT can’t be done!…and the first thing on your mind to ask is..”What do you charge for a…?  and I will tell you..”I charge a fair price for the amount of assistance, professionalism and knowledge that I bring to your event.” ‘What do you charge?’ is like asking how wide is a door.

The fee totally depends on what you want me to do for you, and I can do substantially more than anyone else.  There are many who charge far more than I with a fraction of the experience or investment in equipment.

This website contains information about a full on PROFESSIONAL with hundreds of thousands of hours experience.

Everyone is on a budget.  In over 30 years of events, I have yet to have met anyone who said “Charge us whatever you want…sky’s the limit.”  The good news is, I offer an event package for any budget.

Based upon the type of event you are looking to host, I invite you to please select one of the link bars above to home in on what you need.

WHAT YOU GET FOR FREE!     Zentco  Productions is far more than just a Mobile DJ Service. Of course we can supply music and entertainment for any event. However, now we function more as a full service EVENT PRODUCTION company, giving our clients far more assistance in helping them put the event together. In other words I can help you plan and produce your wedding, corporate event, Bar Mitzvah, etc. right down to the finest detail.

Using my years of professional experience as a guideline, will cut hours or even days off of your planning schedule, and give you instant peace of mind. This includes: Format, Time Line, Ideas, Music, Lighting, Sound, Video Equipment…or anything else you may need.

Basically you are getting a top drawer entertainment company with the planning assistance thrown in virtually for free…..Nobody else does what I do, because nobody else has the experience I have…and that just comes with time.

From highly choreographed party shows with dancers and magic, to intimate seashore and mountain weddings, we’ve produced them all.

YOU WILL NOT FIND a more professional or experienced company anywhere in the USA.

Our Philosophy: To do our absolute best to ease your planning and to entertain your guests.           If we can’t do it…..It can’t be done!

Our Territory: Unlimited…I will go anywhere for my clients, but I am based in Grand Junction, CO, Zentco Productions,LLC services the entire region, including:

  • Aspen
  • Crested Butte
  • Glenwood Springs
  • Grand Junction
  • Lake Powell
  • Moab
  • Montrose
  • Ouray
  • Steamboat Springs
  • Telluride
  • Vail

( That’s A to V and everything in between)